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Bano Herbal

Glossy Glam- Lip Scrub

Glossy Glam- Lip Scrub

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Pure Ingredients Pure Results:

Using a lip scrub offers several benefits for your lips. The scrubbing action helps to remove dead skin cells, leaving your lips looking and feeling smoother. This can also help to reduce pigmentation on your lips. Additionally, a lip scrub can provide hydration and moisture to your lips, helping to prevent dryness and chapping. By using a lip scrub regularly, you can maintain soft, supple, and healthy-looking lips.

  • Exfoliates and removes dead skin from the lips
  • Infuses moisture and plumpness to the lips
  • Helps reduce lip pigmentation
  • Prevents dryness and chapping
  • Leaves the lips soft, smooth, and luscious

Ingredients From Wild Harvesting:

Sugar, Peppermint, Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Cocoa

Application For Organic Skin Care:

Scrub your lips to make them the perfect blush tone and soften them. Just apply a moderate amount with a clean finger, and let the sugar and jojoba oil, scrub away dead skin, and infuse moisture to make your lips plump and luscious. Use twice a week for maximum results.

Weight: - 27g

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