Feel Good - Hair Tonic Oil

Feel Good - Hair Tonic Oil

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One Solution for all your hair problems.

Paraben-Free. Chemical Free. Cruelty-Free.


✓ Increases Hair Growth ✓ Shiny Hair ✓ Smooth Hair ✓ No more Dandruff ✓ Get rid of frizzy hair ✓ Strengthen your hair ✓ Straighten your hair


Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil, Mustard Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Neem Oil, Essential Oil, Black Seed Oil, Rose Oil, Henna Leaves, Hibiscus Flower, Curry Leaves, Aloe Vera, Black Pepper, Ginger, Fenugreek Seeds, Green Tea Leaves, Cumin Seeds, Beetroot Extract, Onion Extract, Garlic Extract, Gooseberry Extract, Acacia  Concinna, Extract, Potato Extract, Pomegranate Skin Extract


Apply the oil in your hair roots and follicles for a maximum of 4 hours, let it get absorbed then rinse your hair. For best results, if applied overnight. Apply “Bano Tonic Oil” twice a week or more, for a month, and see the magical difference!

Weight: 200 ml approximately

All Natural. Herbal. Paraben-Free. Chemical-Free. Cruelty-Free. Vegan.

Note: Fresh batch of products released every 15 days! We believe in fresh skin care line’s preparation to rejuvenate your skin. Tried and PSCIR attested prior to our launch.

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